The right picture is worth a thousand words

Sometimes the most dangerous insect isn’t an insect at all. It’s an arachnid — at least when it comes to choosing a picture on Yahoo! Shine.  Who’s going to question whether a spider is an insect? Not the Shine editors:

pic insect shine

That’s just one of many hilarious photos chosen to illustrate a headline on Shine. Looking for the purr-fect picture of a pet? Don’t expect it to be a cat. Apparently on Shine, dogs purr, too:

pic purr-fect

Looking for the right way to wear a suit? First, choose the right crown:

pic ellen suit

If you’re still not confused, try this picture of a “stroller” that looks suspiciously like a baby carriage or pram:

pic stroller

And what do you carry all those diapers and baby gear in? A tote that you hold like a clutch because it has no handles or straps:

pic tote shine

When your darlin’ munchkins are through playing with all their stuff, what do you do with those toys? Well, you could sell them — provided their toys consist of a cell phone, a candle for a birthday cake, eyeglasses, a deck of cards, and a muselet (that’s the wire cage on a Champagne bottle):

pic kids play with shine

When you need a picture to illustrate your pearls, don’t be limited to your actual words! Just pick something at random. Nobody will notice.


4 Responses to “The right picture is worth a thousand words”

  1. Book Club Mom Says:

    Ha ha! Love it! Always entertained!

  2. lectorconstans Says:

    Muselet? ! ? ! Wow. I am astonished. (For the rest of us, yes, it is connected to the word “muzzle”. From which we could have “muzzlette”, one for a Yorkshire Terrier.)

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