Let’s relegate that to the language dumpster

Let’s relegate the use of a hyphen after an adverb ending in -LY  to the Grammar Slammer. While we’re at it, let’s make a citizen’s arrest and haul in the Yahoo! Shine writer who also thinks that delegating is the right word:

delegating shine

I had never heard (or read) anyone use delegate when relegate was the word that was called for — until I started reading Yahoo!. Relegate means “to assign to an obscure place, position, or condition.” Delegate means “to commit or entrust to another.”

2 Responses to “Let’s relegate that to the language dumpster”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Delegating? This type of error makes me groan. It’s not one of those big, funny failures for which Yahoo! is famous. It’s a mistake made by someone who thinks sticking “big” words in will elevate her writing. Never mind that it’s the wrong word. No one will notice. Right?

    • Laura Says:

      I suspect that English isn’t her first language. This is the same writer who thinks “dalmation” is a dog and the “wrecks havoc” makes sense.

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