Was it held in the basement?

Holding a panel discussion in the foundation of the George Bush Presidential Library sounds a little dark and dreary to me. But that’s where it’s happening, if you believe what you read on the Yahoo! front page:

fp foundation

Of course, I know you’re all skeptical of what you read on yahoo.com. As well you should be. The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. So, it’s kinda hard to imagine how you could hold an event at a foundation, unless you mean the cellar of a building.


2 Responses to “Was it held in the basement?”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    It’s not hard to see how this little literary mishap happened. After all, from the caption, “Yahoo! News’s Olivier Knox moderates an event at …..”

    Is “News’s” OK? I often forget whether the second “S” is supposed to be there.

    • Laura Says:

      Don’t worry. The writers and editors at Yahoo have no idea if it’s supposed to be there, too. It’s a matter of “house style.” Although someone at Yahoo! News claimed they follow Associated Press style, some writers/editors do, and some don’t. Yahoo! actually has no standard for this. According to AP, the possessive of a proper noun ending in S requires just an apostrophe, not an apostrophe S. But the folks on yahoo.com most often add the apostrophe S. But not always.

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