I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

There are lots of examples of the failure of Yahoo! writers to do basic arithmetic. Now we have proof that not only can they not add or subtract numbers, but they also can’t tell which of two numbers is greater: 229 or 127. Here’s the sad evidence on Yahoo! Shine:

lose shine


4 Responses to “I’m a writer, not a mathematician!”

  1. samson mcguire Says:

    We get it. You got fired from Yahoo and you’re on a years-long vendetta. But hanging onto this anger doesn’t seem like the best idea for your mental health. It’s pretty funny that you of all people would mention the word ‘sad,’ don’t you think?

    • Laura Says:

      I love it when Yahoo employees come here and whine because they’ve screwed up — again — and someone notices. Once again, I will tell you that I was not fired from Yahoo. That is simply a lie, but you need to believe that the only reason someone would point out your errors is because of a vendetta. Perhaps it is because you are not very good at your job and your mistakes provide a platform for instructing others by illustrating what not to do.

  2. Old Man Says:

    It’s interesting that the diatribe from “samson mcguire” does not appear to contain spelling or grammar errors (except, of course, for that pretentious “no caps” convention affected by losers like Telford). In fact, “samson” might just be another troll ID of Telford’s.

    Why is it that Yahoo! writers can’t even begin to approach a 3rd-grade literacy level unless they’re bitching and whining about Terribly Write? If only they put this kind of attention into the articles they publish, things would be a lot more readable (and interesting).

    Sadly, “sensitive samson” has the facts all wrong – which is proof, if any were needed, that we’re dealing with a Yahoo! writer here. Bad even by Yahoo! standards.

    • Laura Says:

      Don’t you just love amateur psychologists, speculating about people they’ve never met. I think that’s the only way some people can function — blame the messenger and ignore the message.

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