Do you feel bad about your grammar?

The writer for Yahoo! Shine shouldn’t feel bad about herself for making this mistake — a lot of people (especially if they write for Yahoo!) make the same grammatical goof:

feel badly

As I’ve said before: If you’re trying to pick out a ripe peach by gently squeezing the fruit, but you’re wearing oven mitts, you might feel badly. If your emotional state is sad, depressed, anxious, or unhappy, you might feel bad.


4 Responses to “Do you feel bad about your grammar?”

  1. Book Club Mom Says:

    This is one of the most common grammar mistakes. And I find that even grammar experts get it wrongly!

    • Laura Says:

      It’s very common. I remember seeing an episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” (or whatever it was called), and a contestant told Donald Trump that she “felt bad” about some incident. And he “corrected” her: You felt badly. I’m sure The Donald believes he’s right about everything — including grammar.

  2. lectorconstans Says:

    Hopefully they will learn from their errors.

    • Laura Says:

      One would hope. As I used to tell my kids: Smart people learn from their mistakes. Really, really smart people learn from others’ mistakes.

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