Do I have to draw you a picture?

A great photograph can convey feelings, emotions, and a surprising amount of information. It can save you words — as long as you pick the right pic. Here’s how a writer at Yahoo! Shine illustrated the benefits of coconut oil:

pic coconut oil

You, too, can be young, tall, and slim all while nonchalantly resting on a mailbox. Looks great! Hey, waiter, I’ll have another latte with Splenda and coconut oil!

And when I’m done sipping that coffee beverage, I’m going to clean my fridge because those miniblinds on the fridge’s glass door don’t clean themselves:

pic fridge window

Then I think I’ll make dinner. How does spaghetti carbonara sound? Only without the spaghetti. Kinda like this linguini on

pic fp spag pic

I think the pictures and headlines on Yahoo! are far more entertaining that the actual articles.


4 Responses to “Do I have to draw you a picture?”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    A lot you know! That woman in the top photo was an 83-year-old man before she rubbed on a jar of coconut oil. As for the second image, you are obviously unaware that glass-door refrigerators with blinds and brick casings are the latest rage with hipsters. And the spaghetti picture… reality is just a construct, maaaan. For all we know, that’s a picture of the entire universe. Maaaan.

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