Mass mess is a miss

What a mess! It’s not often we see so many errors in so few words — even on the Yahoo! front page:

fp pleas

According to the Associated Press stylebook (which some at Yahoo! allege they follow), the title pope isn’t capitalized unless it precedes the pope’s name, like Pope Francis. The Catholic Mass is a proper noun. Pleas is a noun also, but a common one. It’s not a verb; the verb is pleads.


2 Responses to “Mass mess is a miss”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    I disagree with the AP stylebook here. As far as I know, there are only two Popes (Roman Catholic and the Archbishop of Alexandria (Pope Shenouda)).

    They say other silly things, like putting punctuation inside the closing quote mark.

    But then, I don’t run the AP. (Gotta work on that.)

    • Laura Says:

      AP treats “pope” like any other title: It doesn’t get capped unless it precedes the pope’s name. And the rule about some punctuation (commas and periods) inside quotation marks is strictly a U.S. convention.

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