Celebrity weigh-in

Can’t you just picture a celebrity weigh-in?

weigh-in sports

I’m thinking of Gwyneth Paltrow stepping up to the scale, followed by Beyoncé for her weigh-in.

beyonce scale

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3 Responses to “Celebrity weigh-in”

  1. samson mcguire Says:

    great work, scoop. you really showed them!

    too bad you were fired from yahoo or you’d be getting paid for all of this wonderful snark.

    • Laura Says:

      Back again with a different name? You know, you really should be just focusing on your own work instead of coming here and slandering me with your lies. I find it quite revealing that you can only attack me because you cannot address the veracity of what I write. The few times you’ve tried to prove me wrong you have only revealed your own ignorance. Your juvenile comments just reinforce everything Terribly Write has been saying about the amateurish quality of writing on Yahoo and the immaturity of its employees.

  2. Old Man Says:

    Apparently samson is following the advice of his idol, Joseph Goebbels, who famously said “Repeat a lie often enough, and it will be believed.” Laura, why bother responding to morons like samson?

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