Maybe you should just called them ‘twisters’

One of the great things about the English language is that it allows you to spell some words in multiple ways. But it’s kinda a good idea to stick to one spelling. Take this example on the Yahoo! front page:

fp tornadoes

That’s the preferred plural of tornado. But this spelling is also acceptable, though not the first choice of the editors of the American Heritage Dictionary:

fp tornados

It really looks sloppy and amateurish to use both spellings. That’s why you should select a single dictionary as your authority for spelling and always use the preferred spelling.


4 Responses to “Maybe you should just called them ‘twisters’”

  1. samson mcguire Says:

    saving the world, one snarky blog post at a time.

    how’s life in the unemployment line?

    • Laura Says:

      Oh, samson (is that the name you’re using today?) your attempt at humor continues to be immature and petty. If you’re so unhappy with what you read here, please stay away. You are not doing your cause any good with your comments. You just reinforce everyone’s perception that Yahoo employs childish, immature, illiterate, and lying bullies. Does your boss know you’re doing this on company time?

  2. Old Man Says:

    Hey samson, how’s your defense coming along in that child molestation suit?

    • Laura Says:

      I heard he was going to accept a plea deal — anything to prevent the authorities from looking at the photos on his computer.

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