Don’t trust your spell-checker

I’m always ranting (but in a good way) about the fact that Yahoo!’s writers and editors don’t ever, ever use a spell-checker. (Hey, maybe it only seems that way because of the enormous number of spelling mistakes they publish every day.) But here’s an example of a mistake that would slip right by a spell-checker, if the Yahoo! scribes deigned to use one:


Of course, it did slip by the editors and proofreaders, assuming that Yahoo! employees such people.

Anyhoo, I’m indebted to a loyal reader of Terribly Write for this example. If you spot something on Yahoo! that’s worthy of TW, please send it to terriblywrite<at>yahoo<dot>com!


5 Responses to “Don’t trust your spell-checker”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    I don’t know who this loyal reader is, but I sent it first!


    • Laura Says:

      You did, indeed! I just didn’t want to identify the “loyal reader” without the permission of the “loyal reader.”

  2. Less Says:

    Kind of embarrassing to call someone out for typos or grammar mistakes when you have a goof in your lead sentence.


    • Old Man Says:

      Wow. This really narrows the gap. It’s now Laura 1,000,000 – Yahoo! 1.

    • Laura Says:

      Oh, Less (I can see why you spell your name that way), in more than 9,100 posts on Terribly Write, you think you found a typo, and you think I should be embarrassed. But you’re not embarrassed to work for a company that allows typos every day (and in some articles as many as 50 spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors). When I make that rare mistake, it reflects only on me. When you and other Yahooligans make mistakes it reflects on you, your management, and the entire company. And it’s viewed (and believed) by millions of people around the world. I sit here alone without the benefit of colleagues, editors, proofreaders, or other writers. And yet I have produced one typo that you think you’ve found? And you folks can’t be bothered to spell-check, proofread, or even fact-check. And you’re not embarrassed? That’s what is really, really sad.

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