In need of a college education?

It’s hard to imagine how the writer for Yahoo! Shine could mix up Wesleyan College (which is in Georgia) with Wesleyan University (the school that’s in Connecticut):

wesleyan college shine

Maybe if she knew that Wesleyan College is a women’s college she’d realize that the school probably doesn’t have fraternities.


2 Responses to “In need of a college education?”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    I’m not sure which is more objectionable – the misidentification or the demand. (As far as I know, Phi Beta Kappa has no such restrictions.)

    From the BThPi charter: “Founded in 1839, Beta is an international fraternity built on a foundation of brotherhood, excellence, tradition and academics”.

    Anyone on the Wesleyan administrative staff care to define the word “fraternity”?

    I can’t resist passing this along: it’s from the BThPi website FAQ:

    “What are the greek letters for beta theta pi?”
    “The Greek letters for the fraternity Beta Theta Pi are beta, theta, and pi.”

    (I suspect that may be sarcasm).

    The Wesleyan chapter seems to be under a dark cloud (from 2012).

    • Laura Says:

      I restrict my comments to the writing and not the validity of the writer’s opinion. But I must admit that I couldn’t figure out how having women in a fraternity would decrease sexual violence against women by frat boys. I’d think you’d want the women as far away from them as possible.

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