What is the Sterling group?

While owners of National Basketball Association (NBA) teams were urging a quick end to the Donald Sterling controversy, so too was the “Sterling group” vowing action. If that makes sense to you, then maybe you can explain it to me:

fp sterling group

By “Sterling group” the yahoo.com writer probably meant “NBA owners.”


4 Responses to “What is the Sterling group?”

  1. samson mcguire Says:

    *Amazing* job, Laura.

    Remember when you used to get paid for this, instead of blogging every day at home because of how bitter you are that you lost your job?

    Those paychecks must have been nice.

    • Laura Says:

      Your comments reflect more on you and your immaturity and defensiveness than they reflect on anything I could or have done or written. Dealing with you is like dealing with a petulant child who has been told to clean up his room. Rather than do what’s right, you attack the person who has pointed out that perhaps you have a little housekeeping to do. You are the personification of all that is wrong with Yahoo!’s writers, editors, and their management. I would gladly debate the merits of the serial comma (look it up on Wikipedia) but I will no longer tolerate your attacks and your lies.

  2. Old Man Says:

    They say that an infinite number of monkeys randomly banging on an infinite number of keyboards would, given enough time, eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. Based on what I see in this blog and on the few Yahoo! pages I visit, fifteen of those monkeys could probably reproduce a typical Yahoo! article in less than fifteen minutes.

    On one level, it’s embarrassing that a company the size and (supposed) influence of Yahoo! would care so little about its readers. Most content is clumsily written to begin with, and made worse by an astonishing number of spelling, grammar, syntax, and factual errors.

    On another level, it’s easy to understand why the situation is as bad as it is. It seems that many Yahoo! writers would rather write puerile rebuttals to criticism than actually work to produce professional results. Apparently, juveniles like telford, ThePenisMightier, samson mcguire, Less, and others have the time to snipe at Laura’s criticism, but not the time to review and correct the work for which they are supposedly paid. (Let me correct that last sentence – they don’t snipe at Laura’s criticism, they snipe at Laura herself, as if ad hominem attacks somehow excuse their uneducated attempts at prose.)

    Then again, I suppose it’s possible that all those user IDs are just troll handles for the same disgruntled person. In any case, it’s a lot easier to understand why the level of Yahoo! writing is so pathetically low. Just look at the character of the writers who are complaining.

    Laura, keep up the good work – the monkeys may not appreciate it, but your readers do.

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