Can you spot what’s missing?

OK, so I made this too easy for you. But it was apparently too difficult for the writers and editors at Yahoo!, because they didn’t spot the missing letter on

fp everbody

Or the letter that went AWOL on Yahoo! Movies:

frienship movies

Or the typo (let’s be charitable and call it a typo, not a misspelling) on Yahoo! News:

ukranians news



2 Responses to “Can you spot what’s missing?”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    a) I’ll bet that the Yahoo! writers graduated Extremely Cum Loud from those schools.
    (I’ll take a rare occasion to note about the content: money spent on “public education” is almost always wasted – at least, from the standpoint of the classroom.)

    c) “Ukranians”? …… It took me over a minute to see that one. Well, it’s a little country, far, far away.
    Did you see that one right away? I may have to turn in my Honorable Society of Prrofreaders badge.

    • Laura Says:

      I’m not sure that Yahoo!’s writers graduated from any school.

      I spotted the missing I in “Ukranians” right away, but I am a trained professional.

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