It’s one of those newfangled thingies

It’s a newfangled talkie machine thingie that’s so new to the Yahoo! front page team that they haven’t had time to figure out how to spell it.

Some of the folks think it’s a little something called a “cell phone”:

fp cell phone

But some others (who I think are just being pretentious) think it’s a “cellphone”:

fp cellphone o w

Maybe it takes a little time for the editors to catch up with technology. Maybe after the cell phone has been around for a few years, they’ll decide how to spell it.


4 Responses to “It’s one of those newfangled thingies”

  1. simonreadbooks Says:

    Gosh dang! I want one of them there thingyma-whatsits!

    • Laura Says:

      I hear they even make ’em so’s you don’t have to crank ’em and you don’t even have to call the operator to place a call. Lordie, what will they think of next?

  2. Old Man Says:

    Yahoo! writers are unfamiliar with cell phones because they are unable to use them. It requires opposable thumbs.

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