Averse to spell-checkers

This would be humorous if it weren’t so sad. The writer for Yahoo! News manages to cram a lot of embarrassing goofs into a single sentence:

humerous news

It seems the writer is averse to using a spell-checker (not unlike all Yahoo! writers). He may also be averse to technology. He certainly has a bit of confusion about adverse (which means harmful or unfavorable) with averse (which means strongly disinclined).

But I’m not the only one who thinks that this writer needs a refresher course in basic English. Here are just a few of the comments made by readers of the article:

I wonder if one of the humorous anecdotes has to do with the poor spelling and proofreading of this article.

I see Yahoo is hiring 10 year old illiterate grade school dropouts again who lack any and all knowledge of spelling, proper punctuation, and more importantly, proof reading skills.

Eric Pfeiffer needs to go back to grammatical school.

Eric Pfeiffer needs to go back to 3rd grade composition and learn to PROOFREAD.

OK, since Yahoo obviously doesn’t employ editors, allow me: First, it is spelled “humorous”, not “humerous”. Secondly, the proper phrase is “technology AVERSE”, not “adverse”. And there is no hyphen between them.

How about some editor earning his paycheck?

“technologically-adverse” It’s “averse,” and it shouldn’t be hyphenated. To which another commenter added:

You’re chastising someone that is literary averse who will never understand.The guy does work for Yahoo after all.

I know people with Downs Syndrome who write better than Eric Pfeiffer.


7 Responses to “Averse to spell-checkers”

  1. ezra erstaz Says:

    it’s always in good taste to make a point by demeaning people with disabilities.

    my nephew has down syndrome. fuck you.

    • Laura Says:

      ezra (is that the name you’re using today?): I did not make that comment. That comment appeared on Yahoo! and was made by a Yahoo! user responding to an article written by a Yahoo! employee. If you are so offended by it I suggest you ask your employer to remove it. In the future, if you cannot express yourself in a civil manner I will block your IP, meaning you will no longer be able to post comments from within Yahoo! offices.

      • Old Man Says:

        Hey, ezra, here’s a simple 3-point plan for improving your performance: (1) work on reading comprehension so that you actually understand who wrote the words you’re commenting on; (2) learn to use the Shift key to give the impression you’re not lazy and stupid; and (3) when you’re wrong (which appears to be all the time), have the strength of character to admit it as publicly as when you made your initial comments.

        Doesn’t it embarrass you to be shown to be wrong every single time you comment on this blog? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME? Wait, it appears you’re a Yahoo! writer, so it stands to reason you have no sense of shame.

        Oh, and learn to spell “ersatz.” You’re never quite so stupid as when you’re trying to be clever. I don’t think it’s your nephew who has the problem.

  2. lectorconstans Says:

    It reminds me of that well-known novel, “Anthony Averse”.

    For may of us, that’s one of the most interesting news stories of the year. Watterson hasn’t been seen by the public in a .long time (if ever), and then only in a photo from a news story from the 1980s.

    “Humerous” might refer to something bone-like.

  3. Hailey Says:

    People, people!
    Let’s get back to the task at hand: demeaning this “journalist”.

    Let’s just leave the developmentally disabled out of it.

    Besides the writer of this garbage.

    • Laura Says:

      It was a commenter on the article who brought in the developmentally disabled and then a commenter on this blog (who works for Yahoo) who again brought in the developmentally disabled. As for the developmental ability of the article’s writer?? I just don’t know if it’s lack of education, lack of brain cells, or lack of interest that accounts for these errors.

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