Not a high school grad?

You might think that you’d have to be a high school graduate to write for Yahoo! Shine. And you’d think that a high school graduate would know that you can’t get a degree from high school, wouldn’t you? But you would be wrong:

degree shine

You can’t get a degree from a high school. You can get a diploma, you can complete high school, you can graduate from high school. But the degree has to wait until college.


4 Responses to “Not a high school grad?”

    • Laura Says:

      Yes, it’s sad that a professional writer would not know this. But it’s not the first time a Yahoo! writer has referred to a “high school degree.” That’s even sadder.

  1. agrrosewood Says:

    That sounds like a mistake that a foreigner like me would make… Except for the fact that even I can tell this is wrong. The English skills of too many native speakers seem to be deteriorating quickly… That’s just sad.

    • Laura Says:

      This is the kind of mistake that’s made by a person whose first language isn’t English. But it’s also the kind of mistake a competent editor would correct. Too bad Yahoo! doesn’t have any.

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