What do you trust?

Would you trust a news article if you find a factual error? A really, really obvious error. Like this article on Yahoo! News that alleges there is not a single black governor in the United States:

gov news

I’m not the most political-savvy old person, but I do know about Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts and an African American. If you spot an error like that, does it affect your opinion of the accuracy of the whole article?

2 Responses to “What do you trust?”

  1. Old Man Says:

    The sentence is correct as written. “Today there are only two African Americans in the Senate and not a single black governor.” It is absolutely true that there is not a single black governor in the Senate.

    You just need to learn to think like a Yahoo! writer. Wait, on second thought…

    • Laura Says:

      OMG! That IS what the writer implied. I was so focused on the “not a single black governor” that I didn’t read the whole sentence. So, the writer is wrong on two counts?

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