Do you mean the department store?

Dillard’s is a department store chain in the U.S. Did it go on a honeymoon with Jill Duggar? Maybe the Yahoo! Shine writer responsible for this headline can tell us:

dillards shine


2 Responses to “Do you mean the department store?”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    I read recently that they (that’s “they”) are working on software that can read news articles and produce summaries and rewrites, and even generate whole new articles from ones already read.

    This would seem to be evidence of that. (I remember Dillard’s – I just don’t remember where or when. Right now I’m in a Yahoo! mood, so I won’t go look it up.)

    • Laura Says:

      Do you think Yahoo!’s articles might be software-generated? Maybe that headline is from multiple articles, one of which was about Dillard’s.

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