What the Redskins didn’t lose

Beware of anything you read on Yahoo! News. If you’re reading this article, you might think that the Washington Redskins lost six patents and some copyright protection:

patents copyright news

That’s simply untrue. The team lost trademarks and therefore, trademark protection. The writer has confused patents, copyrights, and trademarks, treating them as if they were synonymous. They are not.


One Response to “What the Redskins didn’t lose”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    You got it all wrong, lady. The Redskins invented ball-point pens, kayaks, spiral notebooks, and a bunch of other items. They also wrote two novels and put out a grunge album in 1993. Now, thanks to those politically correct socialist, caliphate, anarchists in the White House, they are screwed.

    Arg!!!! I can’t contain my rage anymore.

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