Maybe Mitt Romney was right

When Mitt Romney claimed during his bid for the presidency that “corporations are people, too,” he was met with derision. But he may have been right, if you believe what you read on the Yahoo! front page:

fp who for that

The pronoun who is reserved for human beings. Is alleging that companies are people? Or did the writer fail to realize that the correct pronoun is that?


3 Responses to “Maybe Mitt Romney was right”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    In legal matters, corporations have most all the rights and privileges of corporations: they can buy and sell property, enter into contracts,…. (If they didn’t, say goodbye to home loans, or any other kind).

    But in grammar, they’re still “which”.

    • Laura Says:

      And now they can also have religious beliefs!

      • lectorconstans Says:

        A PS to the original: perhaps “persons” rather than “people”. “People” is closer to the actual human; “person”, to the attributes.

        Aside: In a British novel I once read, the butler (that itself tells you this is taking place in an upper-class home (the setting is last century) announces, “Sir James, there’s a [slight pause] person [pause] to see you.” In that case,”person” referred to someone of the “lower orders”.

        Finally: in the case of a company, the beliefs flow from the owners. As in, could They force a kosher delicatessen or a halal market to sell pork?

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