That’s enough to make me angry

When I see an error as egregious as this one on the Yahoo! front page, I can get really riled up:

fp mutual

If you’re angry, too, perhaps we can bond over our shared outrage. I know I get really pissed off when I read something written by a paid professional who doesn’t know the meaning of a simple word like mutual. If two people have a mutual dislike, then they dislike each other. It does not mean that they dislike the same thing.


3 Responses to “That’s enough to make me angry”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    But what about a “mutual interest”?

    • Laura Says:

      Hmmm. You’ve got me thinking. A mutual interest is an interest two or more people have in common. So, is a mutual dislike a dislike that two or more have in common? Or is it a dislike of each other? My recommendation is not to use that word since it can have opposite meanings. How about “shared”?

      • lectorconstans Says:

        It seems to be one of those words that have multiple meanings, depending on context. But it is a good idea – especially in news writing – to go for clarity over verbosity.

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