‘Tis a mystery

The apostrophe is a useful little mark. It’s often used to indicate where a letter is missin’ in a contraction. So, what letter did the writer think was missing in this opening paragraph on Yahoo! Travel?

tis apost travel

Is tis’ a contraction for tisk? tisp? ‘Tis a mystery, it is.


3 Responses to “‘Tis a mystery”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    Somebody decided that you can’t start a sentence with an apostrophe. I do give someone credit for that nice alliteration.

    Are there any other leading apostrophes?

    • Laura Says:

      How about ’twas? Clement Moore had no trouble starting a sentence with an apostrophe (‘Twas the night before Christmas…).

      • lectorconstans Says:

        In fact, he started a whole darn story with an ‘.

        (I gotta go back to English Lit I for missing that one.)

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