Maybe the writer is from Florida

If you’re looking for reliable information about your next vacation spot, I suggest you skip Yahoo! Travel. It’s not exactly a shining example of accuracy. Take this headline, for instance:

bal harbor travel

Maybe the writer is from Florida and was having flashbacks about Bal Harbour and has trouble with spelling. That could happen. Or maybe the writer has a really bad memory, and couldn’t remember the name of the town after reading about Bar Harbor, Maine. That could happen.


4 Responses to “Maybe the writer is from Florida”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Bar Harbor isn’t exactly an obscure destination. It must be because the “R” and “L” keys are so close to each other.

    • Laura Says:

      Being a New Englander, I’m not a good judge of whether Bar Harbor is a familiar locale, though I don’t think it needs to be; we should expect any location be spelled corrected on a travel site. Of course, as you point out, it could be a typo made by ham-fisted writer — that’s a writer whose hand covers the keyboard from the R to the L key.

  2. Old Man Says:

    The article is about “Chinese Travelers.” Maybe it’s a phonetic spelling of the Chinese pronunciation.

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