It’s the principle of the thing

Here’s the principal reason I dislike Yahoo! Style: The quality of writing on the site is abysmal.

principle dancers style

It’s a basic principle of mine: If you’re paid to write, you should have a basic knowledge of the language you’re writing in.

5 Responses to “It’s the principle of the thing”

  1. thenoveilst Says:

    lol Exactly so

    • Laura Says:

      Do you think I was being too hard on the writer? Maybe she meant “principled dancers.”

      • thenoveilst Says:

        Hmm, what to think really. She might have meant what you quoted, but then again, it would seem a little out of context for that setting. I’m probably the last person to say anything on the matter, because I’m pretty sure someone will saying something about my imperfect writing if they read my two recently published books. I guess I live in a glass house too…lol 🙂

        • Laura Says:

          We all make mistakes with our writing, but most of us don’t make so many, so badly and get paid for it.

        • thenoveilst Says:

          lol you are right. A writer should take some pride in showcasing their work to the public. No reader enjoys a terrible piece of script. If it comes across that the writer doesn’t care, then the reader won’t also.

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