No. No it isn’t

Radiant heating has been around since at least ancient Roman times. Do not believe what you read on the Yahoo! front page. Sometimes the writers just make stuff up:

fp radiant heat


When did this become correct?

I wouldn’t drop an F-bomb over this headline from Yahoo! Style, but I would be appalled by the writer’s ignorance:

a f-bomb style

The letter F starts with a vowel sound, so the correct indefinite article before it is an, not a.

Never know whom to thank?

If you spotted this grammatical error on the Yahoo! front page, thank a teacher:

fp who to tip 2

What do harried shoppers hoard?

What do hordes of harried shoppers hoard? That’s what I want to know after reading this on Yahoo! DIY:

hoards of shoppers

For people concerned about the impression they make, correct grammar is a chance to display their intelligence to friends and family (and maybe instill pride in themselves, too).

People who write correctly know not to change person in a sentence.They know that if you start writing about “people on a budget” you don’t switch to “yourself,” but rather use the pronoun “themselves” because its antecedent is “people.”

Where are your ankles?

If these boots come up to your ankle, then you have exceptionally long legs, or you’re like the writer for Yahoo! Style who confuses ankles with knees:

bootankle boots

One of these things is not like the others

One of these items in the list on the Yahoo! front page is not like the other two. Can you tell which one?

fp as

For bonus points, explain why two items begin with the word as and one does not.

That does not soothe my nerves

Seeing a misspelling on the Yahoo! front page, one of the most visited pages on the Internet, does not soothe my nerves. It has just the opposite effect:

fp sooth

And then I fell asleep

So, I was writing this headline for the Yahoo! front page about something about maybe footwear for maybe winter, and I was so bored that I fell asleep before I finished it:

fp must-have winters

One of the funniest screw-ups

Here’s a screw-up on the Yahoo! front page that’s likely to be the best of the day:

fp screw ups

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” the editors at can’t agree on the spelling of a word with or without a hyphen:

fp lookalikes

The American Heritage Dictionary prefers look-alike, but the unhyphenated word is also acceptable. What’s not acceptable is using both.

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