The worst mistake for the typo-obsessed

Obsessed with finding typos? If so, head on over to Yahoo! Style, where every other headline contains at least one:

obessed style


What the hell is she doing in there?!

I swear on my autographed copy of the “Chicago Manual of Style” that neither my sister nor my aunt has never been in my hair. They just don’t go there.

oxymoron 2

When the editor in chief of Yahoo! Style suggests that a relative may be hanging out in your tresses, it’s probably time to get him a real editor.

What good will it do there?

I’m not sure what good a “hypdrating lip moisture” in my  handbag will do, but the folks over at the Yahoo! front page seem to think it’s a good idea:

fp hypdrating

If I ever suffer from a chapped lip (or lips, since I have two of them), I won’t be looking for moisture in my purse. In fact, moisture is the last thing I want in my purse. I’ll be looking for a hydrating lip moisturizer maybe.

It’s a miracle!

It’s a freakin’ miracle! Imagine one minute you’re holding a photo of your long deceased Grandpa Joe and the next minute he’s alive, standing in front of you. That’s the promise from Yahoo! DIY, which tells you how to bring your pictures to life…literally:

literally to life diy

They’re not talking metaphorically or figuratively. They mean literally. Actually, no they don’t mean literally; they mean metaphorically or figuratively. But I quibble. Literally.

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