What?! What are you talking about?!

What the heck is wrong at yahoo.com? Have the writers given up trying to write in complete sentences? This bit of a non-sentence is like an answer you’d find on “Jeopardy”: I’ll have savory dishes for 500, Alex.

fp savory dish

“What is butternut squash lasagna?”


Readers can’t catch a break

Oh, that wacky editor in chief at Yahoo! Style. He’s at it again with his misuse of the language and his failure to understand a common idiom:

cut a break style

With the number of mistakes this guy makes in every article, the poor readers just can’t catch a break.

If you can’t spell it, should you be writing about it?

Oh, com’on! You’re writing about a subject that you can’t even spell? Really? How the heck did the writer for Yahoo! DIY not know that stationery is writing paper and stationary is a something standing still?

stationary diy

Time to fall on your sword

If a congressional staffer resigned for her harsh swords about the president’s daughters, what should the writer for yahoo.com do for reporting it? Fall on his or her sword?

fp swords

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