You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In today’s installment of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we witness the results of two people who write for and can’t figure out if it’s a children magazine or a children’s magazine:

fp children mag


One word, two mistakes

Those folks at the Yahoo! front page are so clever. They manage to make two mistakes in a single word: capitalizing and misspelling shepherd.

fp shephard

I will never understand why the writers don’t have access to a spell-checker, or if they do, why they aren’t required to use it. Maybe they might avoid dumb mistakes like this one.

Writer’s ridiculous spelling

I have no explanation for why the writer for the Yahoo! front page would add an apostrophe to the plural stars. None.

fp stars apost

It’s still not a word

It looks like the writers for the Yahoo! front page are still trying to coin a new word — homebuying:

fp homebuying

It’s still not in any reputable dictionary that I consulted. Homebuyer? Yes. Homebuying? Not so much.

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