Bizarre highlight error

This is just so bizarre. How do mistakes like these on go unnoticed by those eagle-eyed writers and editors?

fp highights


It’s called a day

There’s at least one editor at Yahoo! Style who is not a candidate for the Carl Sagan Memorial Award for advancements in astronomy. I don’t think she’s even qualified to teach science to first-graders:

turned on axis style

Has the world turned on its axis, she asks. Yes, yes it has. It does it every day.

Make a short list

If you can’t remember how to spell a word, add it to a short list of words that you find challenging. That might have helped the writers at, who can’t agree on whether short list is one word:

fp shortlist

or two:

fp short list

Why it’s so hard to understand Yahoo

Why it’s so hard to understand what’s on The errors and the non sequiturs:

fp indct

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the rest of that teaser, about the victim’s family urging calm, has to do with difficulty indcting a police officer. The answer is easy: Nothing. It has nothing to do with it. It’s just left over from this module, where the brain trust at Yahoo! changed the headline, but neglected to change anything else:

fp indct 2

Neither the writer nor the editor noticed?

Neither the writer nor the editor (if there was one) noticed this mistake on the Yahoo! front page:

fp neither nor

The correlative conjunction neither…nor is used to join just two items, and never more than two — except on where standard rules of grammar do not apply.

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