Let’s talk turkey

I’ve heard of top dogs, top hats, top chefs, and Top Ramen, but I’ve never heard of a top turkey. What the heck did the writer Yahoo! Food mean?

top turkey food

Is this just another case of a Yahoo! writer getting an idiom wrong (not that I know what idiom that would be), or trying to be cute and failing?


Trying to parse it

I’ve been reading and rereading this sentence from Yahoo! Sports, trying to parse it:

cannot not sports

If stardom cannot not protect Mr. Winston, does that mean it can protect him?

Is that a mistake?

You can never be sure about some things you read on Yahoo!. Is it a mistake? Is it a feeble attempt at humor or satire? Having seen the number of mistakes the Yahoo! Style editors make every day, I’m inclined to go with a mistake:

how much is that puppy

I think the editors were going for the song “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?” But they’re too young to remember the song made popular by Patti Page in the 1950s. And they’re not motivated enough to Google the song title.

Missing Word the Day

Today’s prize in the Missing Word the Day competition goes to the folks at the Yahoo! front page:

fp record the year

Yesterday’s prize (which I neglected to announce since I just made up the award today) should have gone to Yahoo! Celebrity for this headline:

miss word celeb

Those missing two-letter words are easy overlook.

What a crock!

This article on Yahoo! DIY has a promising start: The writer, whose title is actually editor, gave the trademarked Crock-Pot its due with capital letters and a hyphen. Then the wheels fell off:

crock pots diy

She has a little trouble with the extraneous them, which was just dropped in for no reason. And more trouble with the pronoun they, which requires a plural antecedent (the object it refers to); there’s just none other than recipes and that makes no sense. Of course, we know she should have used the singular it, referring to Crock-Pot, which is how she should have spelled the trademarked name of the slow cooker.

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