Bankrupt or not bankrupt? Yes

Oh, dear. Let’s hope that the writer for Yahoo! Style doesn’t try to cross over and write for Yahoo! Finance, where a knowledge of words like bankruptcy is required:

delia bank style

So, did Delia’s file for bankruptcy or will the retailer file for bankruptcy? Yes, says the writer.


A crappy birthday wish for Joan Didion

Is this the worst birthday wish ever? How sincere was the Yahoo! Style writer in wishing Joan Didion a happy birthday?

joan didon style

If you want to show your admiration for someone, at least take the time to spell their name correctly.

Do bottle cops enforce recycling?

What is the role of bottle cops in today’s society? Do they make sure you’re recycling that Diet Snapple bottle? Do they monitor the number of ounces in a 12-ounce bottle of Aquafina? Perhaps the answer is locked away in the mind of the Yahoo! DIY editor responsible for this little excerpt:

bottle cops

She might also be able to explain why she put the period after the closing quotation mark, when the standard in the U.S. is before it. And perhaps she’ll tell us if “the humans” is different from “humans” or just plain people. The humans seem to be dumping waste into something that resembles the environment. Maybe we should report them to the bottle cops

All it needs is a little paint

In an article about paint colors, the Yahoo! DIY writer gets a bit confused by a homophone:

pallet diy

This is a pallet; throw some paint on it and it’d be a color pallet:

pallet diy 2

A range of colors is a color palette.

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