Playing fast and loose with language

If you play fast and loose with English, you’re bound to come up with laughable results. Just ask the writer for Yahoo! Style who’s the new loser:

loser style 1

Armani is known for his looser clothes, which the writer alleges are minimal, which probably means they hardly cover all your bits and bobs:

loser style 2

I always thought his clothes were minimalistic, but I was wrong. But I wasn’t as wrong as the writer whose spelling ability is a real liability when it comes to the movie Inglourious Basterds.

3 Responses to “Playing fast and loose with language”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    Armani would be dismayed to find out that he’s the “new loser”.

    The Yahoos at Yahoo! are amazingly consistent – they even misspell purposefully misspelled words.

    • Laura Says:

      I have never been able to figure out how writers can confuse “lose” and “loose.” But Yahoo’ers have done it — many times.

      I wonder if they’d be disappointed to discover that they misspelled the misspelling.

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