Reverse that

It’s not unusual for a writer to use the possessive pronoun its when the contraction it’s is called for. So, I wasn’t surprised to see this goof on Yahoo! DIY:

its list diy

What did surprise me was that the writer uses it’s instead of the correct its:

its list diy 2

She’s really, really confused. But she can clear up this problem by writing it’s every time she thinks its is correct — and vice versa.


Turn the channel

It looks like someone at the Yahoo! front page has no idea what the name of that channel is:

fp abcs

It’s the ABC Family channel. I guess they don’t get that channel in Mumbai.

Maybe you should try Googling her name

I know one person who didn’t bother searching for Ariana Grande, and that person works at

fp arianna grande

Headaches: They’re all in your skin

Oy! Reading this sentence on the Yahoo! front page has given me a headache:

fp more than

I’m thinking really, really hard, trying to figure out what “little needles can solve a lot more of skin ailments” means. More than what? Noxema? Botox? A whack in the face with a bag of nickels? And when did a headache get reclassified as a “skin ailment”? This is giving me a migraine. I think I need to go see my acupuncturist.

Oddest oddsmaker is a real stinker

Here’s a really odd oddsmaker from the Yahoo! front page:

fp oddmakers

That’s not the only oddity in that module: The sentence below it seems really odd, too.

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