An delightfully unconventional word

Do you recognize the objects tied around the box, below? The writer for Yahoo! DIY didn’t:

ticket stub 2

She claims they’re ticket stubs:

ticket stub 1

They are not. They are actual tickets. Ticket stubs are the part of a ticket that the buyer keeps as a receipt.

So, the writer occasionally has trouble with choosing the right word. Sometimes the result is a delightfully unconventional stumble. Sometimes the result is a mismatch of a subject (like perforation) and verb (like help). Either she meant to type perforations or she meant to type helps or she meant exactly what she typed. Which would be not so delightful.


Well played, Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is in a Broadway play, where he played the Elephant Man. At least I think that’s what it says on Yahoo! Celebrity:

played celeb

The “Terribly Write” confirmed her confusion

I’m just confirming for y’all that there’s a word missing here on Yahoo! Celebrity:

miss word celeb

I think it should be “The ‘America’s Got Talent'” usher confirmed…” Or maybe the missing word is astrophysicist. Or maybe pole dancer. Or maybe the thing that’s really missing is an editor.

This doesn’t sound good

Everything in this sentence on Yahoo! Sports sounds good until you get to the verb. And then a little subject-verb clash happens:

sounds good sports hp

The subject is plural; the verb should be, too. And that would be sound.

It can affect the way readers view you

A stupid, bone-headed mistake like this one on can affect the way a reader views the website:

fp effect

Where did you get your kids?

Me? I had my kids the old-fashioned way. Pregnancy, hospital, labor, birth, then head home. But for those who don’t want to go through that lengthy process or the ordeal of adoption or surrogacy, there’s another alternative: Store-bought kids! Yes, you, too, can buy a child, according to the genius writer at Yahoo! DIY:

store bought kids diy

Where do you think her knees are?

I think a class in basic human anatomy is in order for the writer for Yahoo! Style who seems to be a tad confused about the location of the Duchess of Cambridge’s knees:

above knee

Perhaps if she had looked at some photos on the site she works for she would have seen the location of a hemline and the duchess’s knees:

above knee 3 above knee 2

It looks like the hemline of the coat, at least, is above her knees. So, I’m guessing that her dress is above her knees, too.

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