Blogger lets loose

If I were the type to let loose on Yahoo! News whenever I spotted a mistake on the site, I’d be in a constant state of  snark. So, I’m not going to chastise the brainiacs who don’t know to capitalize Senate when it refers to the U.S. legislative body:

lets lose news


Misspelling Super Bowl

Is this more proof that the writing on has been outsourced? What American doesn’t know that it’s the Super Bowl and not Superbowl, which sounds like a large toilet?

fp superbowl

Holly folly

Recognize the greenery on this gift from Yahoo! DIY?

halo of holly 2

No? Neither did the writer. She thinks it’s holly and she thinks it’s wrapping the present, not merely decorating it:

halo of holly 1

As a bonus (not an added bonus since that’s a tad redundant), I’m going to show you what holly looks like:

holly pic

A friend of the Donald’s?

If Donald Trump is “the Donald” can’t Dick Allen be “the Allen”? Yes, say the folks at the Yahoo! front page.

fp the allens

At least that’s better than calling him “the Dick.”

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