What whas that whord?

Whell, it looks like the whriter for Yahoo! Celebrity whent a little overboard with the H’s:

whirlwhind celeb


Writer of anarchy

If you’ve never seen than mistaken for then, or haven’t seen the compound adjective 30-second without its hyphen, then you haven’t been reading Yahoo! DIY.

soa 1

What would Yahoo! DIY be without its very own misuse of it’s for its?

soa 2

Somehow in that same article, this got past the eagle-eyed editors:

soa 3

I think it has something to do with wearing a pattern to keep your head warm. Frankly, I think a hat would be warmer than a pattern.

Of course there are more typos, like this one below:

soa 4

Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate the well-placed hyphen and the beauty of a real dash (like this: —) and not a puny hyphen:

soa 5

Also, I think pronouns (like them) should refer to a noun that’s actually present in the same sentence. Or paragraph. Or article.

Get a handle on it

Proving once again that ignorance of common English words is no barrier to writing, the Yahoo! Style editors haven’t quite got a handle on handlebars:

handbars style

A rose is a rose is a carnation

There should be some sort of test to become a professional writer. You should be required to have some basic information, beyond knowledge of English, to get a job. You ought to be able to tell the difference between a rose and a carnation; that way you won’t look as ignorant as this writer on Yahoo! Style:

carnations 1

This is the dress that the writer alleges has red rose applique:

carnations 2

Those are red. Those are flowers. But they are carnations, not roses.

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