Wondering about wanderlust

Those wacky editors over at Yahoo! Style are at it again with their crazy-ass vocabulary and their grammatical blunders:

wanderlust style

In their world, wanderlust isn’t an obsession or impulse to travel. It’s a synonym for wanderers or travelers (which, of course, it isn’t to the rest of us). Maybe. That’s the only explanation I can offer to the use of the pronoun their. It needs an antecedent (the thing it refers to) and it looks like the reader has to supply it, since the writer didn’t.


What is he now?

Johnny Manziel’s former confidante appears to have had a sex change. He’s now a male, although yahoo.com claims he was once a female:

fp confidante

A confidant is someone to whom secrets are disclosed; a confidante is a female confidante.

What color is a little black dress?

The editors for Yahoo! Style, who collectively wrote an article about Jennifer Aniston, forgot what the abbreviation LBD means and how to form the plural of LBD:

black lbd style

LBD is short for “little black dress.” Hence, the adjective before LBD is a little redundant. And the plural of the abbreviation doesn’t include an apostrophe.

Refrigerator magnets of the Web

You know those refrigerator magnets that have a word printed on them? You can arrange the magnets to form messages, write limericks, or do what the writers at Yahoo! Style do: Take a handful of magnets and throw them on the refrigerator. And whatever sticks, in whatever order, publish it as a headline:

simonss show fut style

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