Let the dictionary be your bible

When it comes to deciding whether to capitalize a word, let the dictionary be your bible. That’s my advice to the folks at the Yahoo! front page who chose to write about a bible. They weren’t referring to the Old Testament or the New Testament:

fp bible lc

The sacred text of Christianity and Judaism is the Bible; a reference work is a bible.


You picked the wrong word

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is sometimes referred to by a shorter name, and it’s not the Roll Hall that you see on the Yahoo! front page:

fp roll hall

Since rock and roll is sometimes shortened to just “rock,” you’d think the writer would know that the hall of fame is sometimes called the Rock Hall of Fame.

This should have been fixed

Mickey Rourke’s bout was fixed? Big deal. You know what really should have been fixed? This typo on Yahoo! Celebrity:

opponen celeb

Maybe you should pick up a dictionary

If you’re unsure of a word, pick up a dictionary. That’s my advice to the writer for Yahoo! Sports who thinks that pickup is a verb. It’s not; it’s a noun or an adjective.

pickup sports

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