That’s par for the toes

It’s par for the course: An ugly typo on

fp partoes


Payoff off

This payoff on Yahoo! Sports is a little off:

payoff sports

As one word, payoff is a noun. What’s needed here is a verb, pay off.

And you thought Santa was known for toys…

Silly me. I thought Santa Claus was famous for delivering toys to good little girls and boys. But Yahoo! Style has the real lowdown on that jolly fellow:

famous for leather diy

He’s known for his leather jackets and black basics. Hey, he sounds just like designer Rick Owens!

That’s not where it goes

Where does the question mark go? Not where they put it on the Yahoo! front page:

fp interview quest quot

Unless the question is Interview?, then the question mark belongs after the closing quotation mark.

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