Were they straddling state lines?

Did the victims of those deadly caramel apples have their left foot in one state and their right foot in another state? Is that how it was possible to have five deaths in ten states, as reported by Yahoo! Health?

5 deaths


Get busy with rewriting this

Readers of Yahoo! Celebrity are the unlucky ones if they believed this bit of creativity:

busy celeb

Busy Philipps, and not her daughters, is the “Cougar Town” actress. How that simple fact got so screwed up is beyond me.

If only there were a way…

If only there were a way for a writer to look up the correct spelling of a product. I’m thinkin’ maybe if the writer for Yahoo! News had a picture of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, this misspelling might not have happened:

hellmans news


You call that a malfunction?

When reading about a wardrobe malfunction you encounter a spelling malfunction, you know you’re looking at a Yahoo! site. This time it’s Yahoo! Celebrity:

malfuction celeb

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