Spell-checker? We don’t need no stinkin’ spell-checker

Don’t bother wondering why the folks at yahoo.com don’t use a spell-checker. They don’t see the need. But we do:

fp magzaine


Are you being sarcastic?

Is this a bit of sarcasm on Yahoo! Style?

smile 2

Or does the writer have some form of Asperger syndrome that makes him unable to recognize emotions? Because that caption doesn’t look like it goes with this picture:

smile 1

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Is your sense of taste so unusual that you’d describe it as a “stray random palate”? Or is it the roof of your mouth that’s a really weird palate? I’m trying to picture what the writer for Yahoo! DIY meant and how anyone could transform their palate into a holiday keepsake. The image is not pretty:

palate diy 1

So, I was willing to overlook the random palate, and accept that it was a random typo — until I saw the instructions from making that Christmas tree:

palate diy 2

I never, ever thought that there were people who didn’t know the difference between a palate and a pallet. But that was before I started reading Yahoo!.

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