Other than the mistakes, it’s perfect

Imagine a news site that manages to make three mistakes in a single sub-headline:

threates news

It kinda gives you lots of confidence in the accuracy of the article on Yahoo! News, doesn’t it? The writer misspelled threats, capitalized two (even though it wasn’t at the start of the sentence), and messed up Rafael Ramos’ name. But other than that, the sub-head is perfect.


Look closely at this

You don’t have to read closely to spot this grammatical gaffe on the Yahoo! front page:

fp to read close

Is that like finger-painting?

There’s got to be a little finger-pointing over at  Yahoo! Style over this:

finger-drawn style

I’m not sure how you draw an arrow with a finger. Do you lick it? Dip it in paint? And why use only one finger for drawing when the rest of the world is making hand-drawn pictures?

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