Another third-grade science challenge

Aren’t these salt and pepper shakers cute?! According to Yahoo! Style, they make a perfect gift:

hedgehog 2 style

Of course, I don’t exactly trust Yahoo!’s writers for their recommendations for gifts or anything else. This is the description the “Yahoo Style Editors” gave to those two sets:

hedgehog 1 style

So, looks like there’s some more writing professionals who could use a little education in third-grade science.


How about taking a third-grade science class?

That’s a lovely picture on Yahoo! DIY, isn’t it?

steer 2 diy

The only problem is the description, by a writer who could use a review of third-grade science:

steer 1 diy

That’s a deer, not a steer, dear.

Stainless stealing

Did she steal the stainless or a straw? Or did the writer for Yahoo! Finance confuse an allow (steel) with the act of taking something without permission?

steal fin

Freudian slip?

Time to play amateur psychologist with this slip of the keyboard from Yahoo! Style:

give me style

Is the writer secretly jonesin’ for the monotone look? Does he want to be your boyfriend? Is he such an egotist that everything is about “me, me, me”? Does he know that he should have written him instead of me?

I’d prefer more ado

Without further ado (or any ado for that matter), let me present a homophonic horror from Yahoo! Movies:

adieu movies

I wish we could finally bid adieu to this mistake, but I fear the folks at Yahoo! will never learn the difference between a word that means farewell (that’d be adieu) and one that means a fuss (ado).

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