It’s not an acronym

Someone at Yahoo! DIY should correct this error — stat!

stat cap diy

Stat isn’t an acronym; it’s an adjective and adverb that means “immediately or at once.”


Guess who’s not a PhD candidate in English?

It’s a pretty safe bet that the writer for Yahoo! Style isn’t a PhD candidate in Latin or English:

phd caps

If you understand what PhD stands for, you’ll never capitalize all three letters. It’s an abbreviation for the Latin Philosophiae Doctor, which means Doctor of Philosophy.

How many editors did it take?

How many Yahoo! Style editors did it take to misspell Halle Berry’s name?

hallie style

How many of them didn’t bother to proofread that headline before publishing it? All of them.

Talking impala and leopard discovered in South Africa

Exchanging good-humored, playful conversation, an impala and a leopard must have shocked the world — except for the people at, who reported their banter:

fp banter

In truth, the only folks who are shocked are those who read this and can’t believe there’s a professional writer out there who does not know the meaning of the word banter.

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