Stick to what you know

My advice to the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity: Stick to what you know. And it ain’t grammar:

oxford comma celeb

Justin Bieber did not commit an Oxford comma violation. An Oxford comma (also called a serial comma) is a comma before and or or in a series of three or more items. The writer is just plain wrong — and arrogant, ignorant, and pretentious.


Laboring over the right word

The writer for the Yahoo! front page should have spent a little more time laboring over this sentence:

fp went in labor

Perhaps with some time, or the support of a competent editor, the writer would have found the correct preposition: who went into labor.

Rush Limbaugh’s power

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh has more power than I thought. He was able to put the kibosh on the casting of a new James Bond. At least that’s what it says on the Yahoo! front page:

fp nixes

While legitimate news sources report that Mr. Limbaugh merely expressed his outrage at a black James Bond, Yahoo insists that he has forbidden the casting. Either that, or the writer has no idea what nix means.

It’s just a direction

If you’re not referring to a region in the U.S., Europe and the Western Hemisphere, or Mae, Adam or Kanye, then west is just a direction. And it’s a common noun, without the capital W that someone at gave it:

fp west cap

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