Caught up in Phillip Phillips

Maybe the writer for the Yahoo! front page got caught up in the whole repeating name thing with Phillip Phillips and and couldn’t help a random repetition:

fp and and


Half an oxymoron

I’ve never always seen something like this from Yahoo! Style:

usually always style

It’s almost completely an oxymoron, except that it makes no sense. So, maybe it’s just half an oxymoron.

I do not think it means what you think it means

There must be something in the water at Yahoo! that affects the company’s writers and somehow stunts their vocabulary. The writers don’t seem to know the meaning of common words like nix or banter or wanderlust. Now it’s the folks at Yahoo! Finance who prove that being a professional writer doesn’t mean you have the vocabulary of a high school graduate:

shilling finance

The accusation that the founder of Under Armour shilled shirts is really a horrible insult. It doesn’t mean selling, hawking, or peddling. It means swindling.

Not brand-new errors

These aren’t brand-new errors; they’re shoo-ins for two of the most common errors you’ll find on Yahoo!. This time they appear on Yahoo! Celebrity, where homophonic gaffes and missing hyphens are routine:

shoe-in celeb

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