Which part of the mouse goes into this recipe?

These instructions on Yahoo! DIY are just too vague. Do I put the mouse’s ears and tail in the plastic bag? Or do I have to be more precise and maybe throw the little guy in my food processor, let it whirl, and measure out a third of the purée?

mouse diy

I’m so confused. And no longer hungry.


Whose fault is it? Who’s at fault?

Who’s responsible for this error on Yahoo! Sports’ “Big League Stew”?

whos success sports stew

Is that the result of a writer whose success came easily, but whose grammar is wobbly?

What are you judging by?

If I told you this was a horribly written article on Yahoo! Finance, would you ask me, “What exactly are you judging by?”

buy finance

Yes, you probably would because you know the difference between by and buy. You probably also know that if you use an em-dash, you shouldn’t pair it with a comma; the correct character is another em-dash. And you probably know how to spell Warren Buffett’s name, too:

buy finance 2

Plus, when you’re writing the plural of a word, I bet you know it doesn’t include an apostrophe:

buy finance 3

More than enough

Reading this on Yahoo! Style should have been more than enough to give me pause: Did I really want to continue reading?

mens jewel 1

In spite of that, I continued, only to discover a missing word (there should be an a between wearing and cool). Then a problem with the next sentence: I think the writer fidgeted with it a tad too much:

mens jewel 2

It seems that every day I wish that I hadn’t read something on Yahoo!, like this word that means “commonplace or ordinary”:

mens jewel 3

But I soldiered on. I wish the writer had, too, and that he tried to uncover an unnecessary word. Maybe he tried, but he doesn’t can’t find it:

mens jewel 4

It’s like the Iraq

Was this written by the former Miss South Carolina Teen USA? It’s the only reason I can think of for referring to “the Indonesia” on the Yahoo! front page:

fp the indonesia

What on earth were you thinking!?

What on earth gets into the heads of the writers for yahoo.com? Can’t they agree on something as simple as the capitalization of a word like earth? Uh, no, they can’t. Somebody thinks this is correct:

fp on earth 2

While someone else thinks that lowercase is correct:

fp on earth 1

Depending on the context, they can both be correct. But in the same context, ya’ gotta pick one and go with it.

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