Thank you, Captain Obvious

It’s funny how things that go without saying are always said. Like, it goes without saying that if there are 300 theaters showing a movie, then there would be a theater showing that movie. Well, the folks at want to emphasize that point with a “Captain Obvious” observation:

fp theaters

Looks like those folks also observed that Christmas day doesn’t need a capital D. Except maybe it does require a capitalized Day:

fp theaters 2

It’s obvious that there’s a bit of confusion among the people who write for Yahoo!. Perhaps they could just choose one capitalization style and stick with it.


You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

It this installment of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we see more evidence of why you should get your news from some other website:

fp 5 7 killed

This writer should not have free rein

This writer for Yahoo! DIY needs to be reined in with the help of an editor:

free reign diy

She shouldn’t have free rein to write as she pleases; otherwise, homophonic errors will reign supreme.

For an entertaining description of the many equestrian words like rein that have entered our lexicon, see this blog post from Oxford Dictionaries.

Need a recipe for cookies that no one will eat?

If you’re looking for a cookie that your guests will not want to eat, then head on over to Yahoo! DIY:

one can deny diy

Nobody can deny that a cookie that one can deny is kind of a dumb idea.

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