How it affected their readers

Do you think that the editors at Yahoo! Style know that this is the wrong word and wonder how it affected their readers? Me neither. I also don’t think they care that there’s a bit of nonsense that might be the result of a missing word:

effected fem style

Perhaps the writer meant “or whether they even were feminists.” Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and call that a typo.


Is that a photo of Gigi Hadid?

Is that a photo of her wearing a hijab? Well, it should be, but the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity is a tad grammatically challenged and chose the wrong pronoun:

photo of she celeb

Based on your word choice

Based on the word choice made by the Yahoo! Celebrity writer, I’d guess that either he’s not a native-English speaker or he’s under 20 years of age:

based off

The correct idiom is based on, not based off, even though the latter is gaining in usage.

It’s not an acronym

What the heck did the Yahoo! Style writer think FEDS means?

feds cap style

It might be an acronym for Federal Employee Defense Services, but that doesn’t make any sense in this context. Or maybe it’s Flexible Engine Diagnostic System, which makes even less sense.

Truth is, it’s not an acronym at all. It’s feds — all lowercase letters — and it refers to federal agents or officers.

How many pop tops does it take?

How many pop tops from soda cans would you need to cover a hangar? And how would that create more space? That’s what I’m askin’ myself after reading this on Yahoo! DIY:

hangars diy

This is a hangar; it houses aircraft:

hangar 1

This is a hanger; it holds clothes:


Which item do you think the writer meant?

Who wrote that?

I find it hard to believe that there’s a professional writer or editor out there who thinks that this is correct:

fp teams who

Who wrote that for Do they really think that you can use the pronoun who to refer to a football team? Really? The correct word is that; who is used to refer to human beings.

Get a Klu

We should all take up a collection and buy the writer for Yahoo! front page a clue. The white supremacist group is the Ku Klux Klan:

fp klu klux klan

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