How it affected their readers

Do you think that the editors at Yahoo! Style know that this is the wrong word and wonder how it affected their readers? Me neither. I also don’t think they care that there’s a bit of nonsense that might be the result of a missing word:

effected fem style

Perhaps the writer meant “or whether they even were feminists.” Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and call that a typo.

3 Responses to “How it affected their readers”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    “Two-thousand…” ??

    • Laura Says:

      Yeah. You don’t see years spelled out very often. If ever. I think maybe the writer was trying to avoid starting the sentence with numerals, which is considered by some to be a no-no.

      • lectorconstans Says:

        The numeral thing is to not start with digits. Spelled-out number are OK. But as usual, there’s really no way to figure out what’s going on in their minds.

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